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Contactless Payments Blog

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NFC Payment Terminals: A complete guide to contactless payments

By |Categories: Contactless Solutions|

Since 2020, the number of payments made using contactless technology has significantly increased. Most of this may be attributed to consumers' concerns about catching the COVID-19 virus, widespread around this time. Because "tap to pay" is more straightforward for many [...]

Healthy Payment Practices for Social Distancing

By |Categories: Contactless Solutions|

The CDC has issued guidelines for healthy payment practices for social distancing to prevent and slow the spread of COVID-19. Implementing these guidelines will lower COVID's impact in your workplace. Telephone appointments, video conferencing and curbside pickup or delivery [...]

With customer-facing terminals, credit cards remain in the hands of customers, minimizing contact with COVID-19; reducing yours and your customers exposure of the virus during the checkout process.

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