Avoid EMV Non-Compliance Fees in Credit Card Transactions

EMV chip technology has substantially reduced in-person credit card fraud, making EMV compliance essential for modern transactions. Despite the benefits, some payment processors exploit this necessity by imposing unnecessary EMV non-compliance fees. This article explores how businesses can avoid non-compliance fees and ensure fair transaction practices.

Understanding EMV Non-Compliance Fees

With the widespread adoption of EMV chip technology, certain payment processors have begun leveraging non-compliance fees to penalize merchants who haven’t upgraded their systems. These fees often appear under various guises such as EMV non-enabled fee or EMV non-acceptance fee, adding unnecessary costs to merchants.

Common Types of Unjust EMV Fees

  • Old Equipment Fees: Despite no mandatory requirement from card brands for EMV terminals, some providers impose fees on transactions processed through old mag-stripe terminals. These can be as punitive as 0.65% per transaction, exploiting the EMV liability shift.

Strategies to Avoid Extra Fees

  • Choosing the Right Provider: Opt for payment processors that prioritize transparency and education over penalties. Ethical providers will help you understand your options without imposing unjust fees.
  • Upgrading to EMV Terminals: To prevent chargebacks and reduce fraud, upgrading to EMV-capable terminals is advisable. Modern terminals like the ZeroTouch Terminal offer secure processing with chip inserts or contactless payments.

Navigating the complexities of EMV compliance doesn’t have to involve unnecessary fees. By understanding the types of fees and choosing ethical payment providers, businesses can protect themselves from unfair charges and enhance transaction security.

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