Contactless Payments
For Law Offices

Optimize your law office for the future of payments.

Eliminate Difficult Record Keeping

Whether a single office or multiple locations to manage, administrators and accountants must keep watch and be hands-on to ensure all sales records are accurate. Plus, maintaining separate operating accounts; preventing co-mingling is a must!

Receipts Are A Mess

Printed and hand-signed receipts get lost.

Managing Batches

Verifying deposits is time-consuming and cumbersome.

Manual Totals

Keeping tabs on sales over time to generate reports is a hassle.

Simplify with Paperless Receipts and Automated Reports

Track all sales and refunds electronically — making it easier to keep tabs on all transactions, generate reports and reconcile deposits.

Digital Receipts

Keep tabs on all transaction activity across all departments and locations.

Transaction Histories

Protect your receipts and find previous ones with simple online searching.

Batch Reports

See batches aggregated, by department or by terminal and maintain them long-term.

Cumulative Receipts

View automated daily, monthly, year-over-year and custom reports.

Recharge Cards on File

Drive more repeat business by storing credit card info on file. Recharge and refund with ease.

Never Co-mingle Funds

Set up separate accounts for different areas of your firm — family law, bankruptcy, criminal defense, estate planning — as well as direct us how to split deposits for Trust vs. Operating bank accounts.

Never outgrow your merchant provider again with
streamlined, enterprise payment processing.

Offer Contactless Payments + Improve Client Experience

Stop touching your customer’s cards!

stop touching customer credit cards

Stop printing paper receipts!

no signatures required

Let customers run transactions!

accept contactless credit card payments

Make checkout the easiest part of a law office visit with a completely paperless and contactless payment experience for both your staff and clients.

  • NFC – *Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

  • Customer Facing

  • Easy to Sanitize

  • Digital or No Signature

  • Secure Checkout

  • Store receipts in the cloud

  • Print or email receipts

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliant

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