Integrate contactless payments

Modernize Your Software With Contactless Payments

One simple integration allowing your clients to accept payments via your custom application, while opening a new revenue stream for your business.

One API Connection

Integrate contactless payments with industry leading payment API one time and let your users process payments with multiple devices, eliminate PCI compliance worries and capitalize on your existing database.

  • Multiple devices

Contactless NFC and EMV Capable

  • Eliminate PCI Scope

Level 1 PCI Compliant

  • Leverage you customer base to open a new revenue stream.

Earn Residual Income … up to $20k / mo.

Quickly add paperless & modern contactless terminals to your custom management software — healthcare, dealership, or ANY industry type.

Stop touching your customer’s cards!

Help your clients STOP touching customer cards!

Stop printing paper receipts!

Your clients can STOP printing paper receipts!

contactless payment types

Let client’s customers run transactions!

Your custom software will accept all payment types with the fastest Contactless devices on the market.

  • NFC – *Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay

  • Customer Facing

  • Easy to Sanitize

  • Digital or No Signature

  • Secure Checkout

  • Store receipts in the cloud

  • Print or email receipts

  • PCI & HIPAA Compliant

Having built-in payment processing in your custom application makes “super fans” of your clients; ensuring they stick around longer.

A smart and secure way to accept payments

Modernizing your software with contactless payment processing makes your clients even happier.



In as little as a week’s development time, reap lifetime benefits.



No need to write code for multiple devices.


Residual Income

Monetize your existing and new client base … quickly.


Integrate cutting-edge contactless payment processing and the latest EMV / NFC equipment with our simple 5 step process.

How it works?

Integrate cutting-edge payment processing and the latest EMV / NFC equipment with our simple 5 step process.

Integrate Contactless Payments Now